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DEK.Architects is an Architetural design firm serving clients in Indonesia. We have specialized in serving furniture, housing, dan public space. During this time we have developed educational, private residental,and commercial building. A major theme of our work is to develop facilities in whick community is fostered during the design and construction process as well as in the completed project.

Some of them think architecture is a science. And some other think it is about calculating, structure, and complicated stuff. For us, architecture is a combination between art and structure, between imagination and reality. It's about concepting thing and must give solutions to client's needs. YES!! it is a tool to improve lives.

The vision behind, and motivation for our work is to explore and use architecture as a medium to strengthen cultural and individual confidence. Joyful living is a creative and active process and we are deeply interested in the sustainable development of our society and our achitecture.

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